New Recliners

Yesterday, Jim picked up the recliners we ordered. They are great. They look great in our living room and they are also comfortable. Our home is really starting to look like grown ups live here. It has only take 8 years but it really is coming together. Well this is going to be a short post but I wanted to get some pictures up.
Survivor is on so a quick update on the adoption. CCAA have finished the review of Dossiers sent before 8/31/06 so that means that we are only about 8 months from review, Yippee!!!! Referrals are due any day now so I will update about how far that has gone as soon as I hear. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a big batch!!


Lorrene said…
I love your new living room and the chairs are very nice. I watched part of the Survivors, but I am so tired I decided to watch it tomorrow.
Good Night
Jimh. said…
The recliners are definitely comfy. I am glad I finally got a chance to sit in them for an evening with you.

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