I was going to post about our weekend painting the house and visiting and show some before and after pictures but that will have to wait. Currently I am writing this while a dog whines incessantly next to me. Toby has found a new toy, a squeaky football that I am sure was Missy’s that we somehow acquired when we helped Emily move (sorry Emily and Ryan if this is a beloved lost toy.)

Anyone that knows Toby knows he is death to squeakers, but until they die they are truly annoying. That is why we try to buy him non-squeaky toys. So what is better take to toy away and listen to the whining or the squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, all night long?

Jim thinks I am obsessed with the adoption and becoming a Mom I wish he was here to see his dog longing for the squeaker toy. It is a completely new definition of obsession. When Jim came home for lunch he put the toy up on the table as soon as he left, Toby devised a way to retrieve it and then the squeaking began again. So know I have taken it away but he knows where it is which, is a problem because soon, I think he will find a way to retrieve it. I have tried treats but no luck. I dare anyone to try and distract a Jack Russell Terrier it can’t be done. Is this practice? I don’t know but it sure is cute, now he is falling asleep while whining on my lap. I think I am going to give in soon, I am so weak. I have a lot to learn, wish me luck.

Oh and here is a picture on Gypsy since she is such a good dog that I have not posted about her yet. She does have a growth that we are taking her to the vet for on Wednesday but that is really not very interesting.


Jimh. said…
You captured Toby's "this is mine, try and take it" stance pretty good! Great photo! I have not been able to get a good one like that yet.
The first picture looks as though he is saying he will give you back your computer if you give him the squeeky toy. Don't give in !!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hey it's been two days already where's the next update? What happened with the painting and that party thingy????
Em said…
Hey Cora it is great to see that there is a football in your house. Ryan would be proud! And yes that did come from us but I appreciate that you are listening to the Squeek, squeek, squeek and not me. : )

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