Organization and Other Random Subjects

It has been more of the same in the land of non-parenthood. Not much happening to blog about unless the few readers that I have want to hear about re-organizing the kitchen. Since I can’t wait for you to answer I am just going to tell you about it anyway, if you don’t care just skim until I start ranting about something else. I came home from getting my hair cut on Sunday (don’t worry nothing drastic just a trim) and started doing the dishes that lead to a complete reorganization and a trip to Lowe’s. Well, we did need to get a new step stool too as Jim collapsed ours, as Jim said it had obviously been a stool too long. So we bought all kinds of wire organizers and things to put things away with and then came home and realized that half the things we bought are the wrong size and needed to be taken back. Back to the stores we went and returned what did not work and bought another cabinet for the dinning room to hold extra stuff. We have to have more storage if we are going to stop using Little Miss’s room as a storage room. So the cabinet still needs to be put together but at least it is here.
We also took the dogs to run at the school this weekend. They had so much fun running and finding gopher trails. Here are a couple pics.

Have I mentioned how much we love our new camera? Little Miss better not be camera shy. Hopefully she will be like her cousin Emma who has no issues with having her picture taken.
Jim taught 5th grade for half a day today and already has 2 more dates set up. He needs to get a calendar but I offered to make him one on my new program and he gave me a strange look. I think he wants some sort of manly calendar not some “foofy” calendar that I make him. I will have to find pictures of ships, planes, and tanks to make a “manly” calendar. I am so happy that he is getting teaching jobs.
On to the next random subject, I have still not found a Halloween costume for Gypsy. Apparently people don’t dress up big dogs locally, and she is not that big, so I will have to buy one online. Does anyone have a suggestion because I don’t know what to dress her up as? She does not seem to have any opinion. Either that or she can’t see the computer screen when I show her. I was thinking something girly. They have the cutesiest Ladybug costume at Target but, again, not in her size. I can’t wait for Halloween this year since I am dressing up the dogs. Why is this the first year that I have done this? It is so much fun. Do you think people will give us candy if we go Trick or Treating? Maybe dog treats.
On another random subject, who is my anonymous commenter? I know I made this blog public and I love that it is being read but I have this crazy curiosity to find out who it is. I have only told a few people, not that I wanted them to keep it a secret or that people can’t find it other ways. I think I am driving Jim mad asking him if he left me the anonymous comments. Any way, whoever you are, thank you, I really enjoy getting comments no matter how they are signed.


Lorrene said…
You really have a knack for writing. Maybe you're in the wrong field.

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