Offers and Marshmallows

So I have got a few offers to help me secure Katie’s new car, although I don’t think they are feasible. First Laura will help me if I let her have my, oh so sweet, Gypsy. I don’t think this is an option because not only will I lose my dog but I will probably end up still with out a car. There is also the fact that Toby would be alone all day, which could only spell disaster for our home. Also I don’t think Gypsy could escape the yard and find her way to Pepper’s from Laura’s apartment. Second offer was Uncle Dennis offering Katie and her car for the price of a trip to China. Nice try dear Uncle, but there are several flaws in your argument. One, Katie I am sure would still insist upon driving her car once she was here. Two, I don’t think she would fit into this adorable little sleeper I found at Fred Meyers today or the stroller that I spent half a day cleaning up a couple of weeks ago.

Check out the cute feet!!
Three, we asked for as young as possible and while Katie is still in the prime of her life I don’t think she meets this criteria. I could go on but I really don’t think your offer really is a benefit for me, even though the car may be parked in front of my house. Back to the drawing board, Katie, I guess your car is safe for the time being.

Jim is currently roasting mini-marshmallows on a tooth pick with the fire from a tea light. It is pure genius, I tell you, as long as we don’t burn the house down. Jim learned about it in his wine class this summer and we just decided to try it ourselves. Other than never seeming to have enough marshmallows, it works quite well, even when you set the mallow on fire it is still not too hot to eat once you blow it out of course. Well, better go find something a bit more nutritious to eat.


Jimh. said…
of course, you had to catch me with my mouth the posts, keep them coming.
Lorrene said…
Did Jim need a college degree to take that marshmallow class?
That leaves me out. I'll never be able to learn the art of roasting a baby marshmallow over a tea candle with a toothpick.
He does look like a genius.
I love those sleepers!!! Katie wouldn't be able to wear them because her flip flops wouldn't fit in them.
Cora said…
Ironically, Jim had to take the marshmallow class in order to get his teaching certificate. I thought you were supposed to teach kids not to play with fire. Go figure.
uncle dennis said…
Cool, in my day you took basket weaving for the tough classes. Now they offer classes in wine and marshmallow toasting....I went to the wrong school I guess.

Sorry the deal for Katie's car didn't work out, we will keep trying.
katie said…
Sorry I had to comment...Jim a genius? Isn't that a bit of a contradiction? :) Sorry none of the offers worked out. You're right, I don't think I would fit into the jumper although it is really cute!
Jimh. said…
Katie, the word you are looking for is "Oxymoron," and NO, it is not. Jim is a GENIUS.
Em said…
Jim...roasting a mallow in the living room!!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised from my creative Bro-in-law.

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