Guppies and Blankets

Sunday I got the fish tank in Little Miss’s room taken down. I have been hoping that the guppies that were calling the tank home would kick it and I could just take it down but alas there are survivors. Six little guppies were all that have survived my lack of attention and the ever-invading algae. I could not bear to flush them so since there were only six left, I decided to transport them to my office.

I got one of those beta vases with a peace lily in the top of it this spring right before I got sick with pneumonia. I had a really pretty blue beta fish, unfortunately for the fish, I got a fever. You would not think a fish would care if my fever went up but as it happens I did not realize I was running a fever and just cranked up the heat in my office thinking I was cold. I then ended up missing a few days of work and the whole time the heater in my office was on high. When I returned it was about 110 degrees in my office and the pretty blue beta fish was no longer among the living. Since then the vase has been empty except for the lily, which I have been nursing along with plant food. This is now the new home for six tiny guppies. I may change them into a small 1 gallon tank eventually but for now they seem happy.

I also worked on the baby blankets that I have been making. I hope to eventually sell them to earn a little bit of money for the adoption, so far I have just spent money. I surge 2 pieces of flannel together and then I have been crocheting the edge for a ruffle effect. I can get the surging done really fast but the crocheting takes me a long time. I’ve been debating on selling them with out the crocheted edge but I am not sure. The edging is really pretty but it takes along time. What do you think? Here is a picture of each.

From everyone’s comments on the last post I think you guys thought I was referring to Jim as a genius, I was just saying that roasting mini marshmallow with a candle was genius. Jim is just a follower of the unknown marshmallow mastermind. Try it if you dare but don't blame me if you catch anything on fire.

Tonight, Jim is working at the High School and he subbed today at the High School for a math teacher, so he is basically working a double shift. He will probably be tired but the money will be nice and he is not going to do it all of the time. Since I am all alone I made sugar cookies from a mix tonight. They are not that great I think I will have to use a recipe next time. Oh well, it was worth a try they were easier to make. Heros starts tonight so I will be watching that soon and eating more cookies.


I just found your blog from the Secret Pal Exchange...
I was just clicking on names to see if anyone else had a Blog...
Love the blankets.. When you decide to sell them let me know..
I like the crochet around the edge.. But then again.. my mother does crocheting..
If you do any with ladybugs or dragonfly's let me know..
Have a Great evening.
LID 4/28/07
Jimh. said…
What do you mean "Jim" is not a genius, he is just a follower??? That realy hurts!
Cora said…
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the imput on the blankets. I actually have some ladybug fabric that I still need to work on and I am in the middle of putting the edging on a lantern and cherry blossom print. No dragonfly's yet. I will post pictures when I get them completed.
If you are going to sell them... Please let me know..
I would love to buy some..
Take care
Lorrene said…
The blankets are very pretty. Looks like you've been busy.

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