Today is our Anniversary. Jim and I have been married for 8 years!! Jim Sent me a pretty plant at work and we are going out to dinner tonight. It will probably be Outback; it just sounds good. Next year we could go to PF Changs since they are building one that is closer than Seattle. It is one of our favorite restaurants that we have missed since moving from California. There was so much more selection in California, it was probably because we lived closer to a big city than we do now. It is amazing how many things that we have done in the last eight years and yet I don’t feel like it has been a long time. Who would have thought 8 years ago that I would be blogging about our little girl somewhere in China? Heck 8 years ago I don’t think blogging existed or if it did I did not know about it. I just hope that by our 10th Anniversary we will have Little Miss home or be on our way to China.

For all those who remember or were there here is a picture of Jim and I, 8 years ago. Oh to be that thin again!


Happy 8 Years... And many more..
Have a Great Dinner..
Anonymous said…
You do realize that it's been 7 days since your last post? Do you know how disappointing it is to not see anything new on this swell sight? It's like waiting for a soon to be released sequel to a book that you enjoyed and the days just drag by.

On another note congratulations on your annv.
jimh. said…
We both look so's been a great 8 years.

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