Bazaar's and Barns

Last weekend we went to the local bazaars. It was fun but I did not find much. I got some good ideas for crafts to do. I guess I am feeling down about buying things for Little Miss. I just don’t know what we should buy early and what we should wait for. This long wait is hard that way. I feel weird buying big stuff but yet I don’t want to be in a rush later. Then I feel like if I keep buying small things I will have too much when she gets here. I can’t win. I did get a nice lavender/flax seed aroma therapy heating pad thingy for Carrie for her birthday. It smelled really good I probably should have bought one for myself also.
Saturday evening we went to Jim’s parents to celebrate Carrie and Scott’s Birthday’s. It was a Cowboy theme and we were supposed to dress up. Jim and I don’t have any cowboy or western clothing so we did the best we could. Jim wore his outback hat and a plaid shirt, and I was the city cousin but I don’t think anyone got my costume. We had a barn raising that was quite fun. We were all divided into teams and given craft supplies and told to make a barn. The kids were the judges. In my opinion the teams were not quite equal as the major artistic people (Jim and Scott) were on the other team. The barn they made was good, very realistic with animals and hay bails. It would have won except the combined ages of the judges added up to be almost 7. So my team, who used real “yucky water” and out of proportion toys for animals, was declared the winner.
The rest of the weekend was relatively uneventful. I did work on my sewing a bit but not much.
I had a doctor’s appointment today and I learned I need to get back on weight watchers and start walking. Ok, I already knew that but she was kind enough to point out that I have gained a bit in the last 6 months (I will not disclose the exact number.) I think if I do that I will start feeling better but it is so hard. Gypsy needs to lose a few pounds also so I think we will start walking together. Gypsy’s Halloween costume needed some adjustment so I tried it on her and it does not even fit any more. I guess it will take more adjustment than I thought. Toby’s fits fine. Isn’t that a typical man for you they both eat the same thing and he doesn’t gain a pound.


I had made a list to buy something each month...Then in 12 months I would have everything I needed..
Well that lasted about 2 months..
Then I stopped.. The big stuff we are waiting until we get closer to the dates... but I buy stuff all the time..
But one thing is I have never bought any clothes unless they were on clearance... And if I really like something I make sure I buy it in a 24 month so I know it will fit her..
I think buying stuff helps with the wait...
You can never have to much stuff for a little one..
Glad you had fun at the party..
Can't wait to see the finishing touches on the blankets...
I am hoping you are going to sell some...
Jimh said…
the absolute meaning of unfairness is making a three year old the head of a panel of judges who have not been walking for more than a few months. Our barn was awsome and yet it fell victim to the toddlers' fickle final say.

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