Fish, Coral and More!

I have posted about our fury pets, so it is time that I post about our slimy ones. We have two small saltwater fish tanks. For our anniversary we decided to brave the rain of Seattle to visit some of the marine fish stores there. The selection here is dismal and when a shipment of marine life comes in it is usually sold out of anything interesting quickly.
We got two anthias for Jim's tank they are bright pink and really neat looking. I tried taking pictures of them but they are really camera shy, I am not kidding. They school and swim out in the open most of the time until I take the camera near the tank and they hide in the rocks. Jim thinks it might be the infrared focusing? We had to remove the hawk fish that we had in there and we are selling him to the local fish store. He was territorial and even though we tried to rearrange the tank it didn’t help and our pink fish were orange with fright. We might have done more to keep him but he has been beating up on our blue damsel and is just a bully. Jim got his first sting from the urchin while working in the tank. It was interesting, the spot immediately turned black but he said it didn’t hurt to bad and it faded by Sunday.

For my tank we got 2 corals frags, frogspawn and some yellow polyps. They are really cool. I cleaned my tank and put a new light in which made a huge difference and rearranged the rocks and the other corals. I still have some algae but I think having better light will help. I will post some pictures but they just don’t do the tanks justice.
We also stopped in North Bend at the outlet mall. I love shopping and we always get really good deals there. We got Jim some more dress shirts and pants. He needed more school clothes since he is now teaching on a regular basis. It looks as though his subbing job in the middle school may become more permanent. There is no indication that the teacher that was in that classroom is coming back. It is all very mysterious but it is good for us because it means a regular paycheck! I also got some things that were on clearance for Little Miss. I am bound and determined to make her the best-dressed baby in town before she is even in town.

I also got my Secret Pal gift on Saturday morning. Who ever she is, she is great. I always love the things she sends. This is a really fun way to pass the time, since it seems to be getting longer.
I planned on posting this last night but I fell asleep before I got that far. I even slept though Heros, I guess I will have to catch up some time this week.


Love the fish tanks...
Very nice...
Love the new outfits...
I LOVE shopping for Isabella too..
She will never have to wear the same outfit twice..
Love your gifts..
Secret Pals are the best..
It helps pass this long wait..
Have a Great Evening.
Lorrene said…
It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Cute outfits. You seem to find the cutest clothes.
I like your fish too.

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