Happy Halloween!!

I was going to post yesterday but my lovely husband has very generously decided to share his head cold with me. I told him I did not want it and he could keep it all but he insisted. So last night I spent in bed, in a cold-med induced fog.

We did not accomplish our goal of getting the beds exchanged but I got the room cleaned up a bit and all the bedding washed. It was my Dad’s Birthday on Sunday so my sisters came into town and we had a small get-together. It was fun we have not all been together for a long time. Thanks Mom (if you ever read this) for a great dinner.
I wanted to try a slide show so here is one of the room as it is. I don't know how to get the titles off, I guess that is I will have to figure that out for the next slide show. I have decided to change it, but I am still not sure exactly to what.

On the D scene. Halloween candy is going to be the death of me. According to our scales I lost 7 lbs last week but I think it was more the difference between the doctors scale and mine, not so much actual weight loss. I was hoping to give all of our candy away tonight but we have had a total or 4 trick-or-treaters. Yep, I said four and I missed them as I was in the bath at the time. The first year that we lived here we had about 300 but since they built new housing developments in town I guess that is where they are all going.

We did dress up the kids and take some pictures but either of us felt up for going for a walk so we took some pictures in the back yard but the color was off. Toby’s costume was really cute, Gypsy’s did not fit all that well and kinda fell off. Oh well, we had good intentions. But here are a couple from inside and Toby ejoying a Halloween treat.

Oh, we just got 3 more trick-or-treaters. Jim gave them 2 pieces of candy WOW, I think he should have dumped half the bowl in their bags. We did have a very cute lady bug though.


Anonymous said…
I love the slide show and the dog pictures too. You find the cutest things. The room looks super nice. I can't wait to see Little Miss in it.

Grandma L
Cora said…
Well the room is probably going to change I will post as I make slow progress but it is not like I am in a hurry.
Love the room...the hanging ladybug is the cutest....
Love the costumes on the furbabies...
To take the numbers of the slide show or add comments... scroll down when you are making it.. click on the little box and you can delete or write whatever in there...
It is underneath the pictures at the bottom..
Happy Halloween...
Hope you feel better..
Cora said…
Kim, I found the ladybug on a spring at craft warehouse but if you are refering to the mobile I found that on Ebay the seller is bugs-n-blooms and she has drangonflies too. They are really cute, I am probably going to get a few more.
The ladybug and bumblebee on a spring.. with (looks like) marbles as feet...
Do they have a website???j

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