There are more pictures on Jim's Blog, too.


What a glorious day! SO full of sunshine! Awesome!!!
Amy said…
Cora, seeing you and Jim IN CHINA is the most awesome way to start the day! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Big Hugs. Big Prayers. No matter how many butterflies are tickling your insides, YOU GUYS ARE READY! Can't wait to see Chloe in her Mommy and Daddy's arms!!! XO
Anonymous said…
WOW!!! looks like fun those are great pictures,you have are prayers, I'm soooo excited for you.
Aunt Carol
Amy said…
I am so excited that you are there!!!
Lorrene said…
What an exciting journey for the both of you. I can't say enough about the great pictures.
This internet age is so great. Otherwise we would not have a clue what you doing. Have Fun !!!!
C and G said…
Oh my goodness!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you with CHLOE!!!
Kel said…
You are there!!! Wow!! I missed the we're off post!!! Sooo excited for you both!!!
What great pictures! So very exciting and what a beautiful day it was for you guys.
Chloe is just going to melt in your arms as she feels your love.It may take awhile but you are prepared. As Amy said you guys are ready!

Just can't wait to see her with you!
Big hugs and love!!
Kim said…
Looks like a great day...
love the photos..
Heading over to Jim's..
Christie said…
SURREAL to see you there! So happy right now...
Alyson and Ford said…
Hope your legs aren't burning from that exercise! We about died during our "hike" on the Great Wall!
So exciting!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

So exciting to see you in China. I have been following you on FB. Oh the wonderful memories your about to make with Chloe and I get to see it happen in the very place that I became a Mama to my first Asian Princess!

Sending Love & Hugs your way!!


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