And no I am not going to write about the spinach eating cartoon character, our new fish developed popeye. Which is, as it sounds the eyes get cloudy and pop out a bit. At fist we thought that the one just had an injured eye because Jim saw him swim into the urchin. We decided to add some stress coat and wait for it to heal but then the other eye started to develop symptoms, so I looked it up and it was probably a bacterial infection. We were worried about adding something to the tank that would hurt the urchin or the star fish so we found something at the fish store that looked like it might help but by then the fish had stopped eating and was not swimming much. Then I noticed the other fish was starting to get a cloudy eye, so off to the fish store again. This time we got an antibiotic that is supposed to be OK with invertebrates. We added the first dose Sunday and the little one’s eye is already getting better unfortunately it was too late for the bigger one and he died yesterday. So rest in peace Bigger Pink Fish sorry we did not treat the tank with the good stuff sooner and you lost you battle with Popeye (he is pretty strong with all that spinach). But as for the circle of life, the urchin, the starfish and the hermit crab had a fish feast last night.
Other than that there has not been much to write about. We cleaned up the weeds in the alley and got the yard ready for winter. So exciting. I also was busy working on something for my secret pal but I can’t talk about that in case she wanders on to my blog someday. I love this secret pal thing but I can’t wait for it to be over so we can all share our shopping secrets.
I plan to go to the bazaar on Saturday at the local library they always have neat handmade stuff. I know it is amazing but I did not buy anything for Little Miss this weekend so maybe I will find something for her at the bazaar.


Hope the med. works...
Don't want any bad things to happen to your scaley babies...
Have a Great Week.
Lorrene said…
Is that really a picture of your little fish with the Popeye? That is a very sad tale. Poor little fishie. At least you tried.

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