We Survived & So Did the Kids

I have not written much lately and I am not sure why. I guess I was trying to keep this blog up beat and fun and I haven't really felt that way lately. Not sure why but I am sure it will pass.
We watched the niece and nephew on Saturday, while their parents bought a van. It was fun. We still want to be parents after spending all day with 2 very active kids. We even survived our first diaper blow out at the park. Well when I say we survived it I mean I survived it, all Jim did was run around with Emma and bring me the diaper bag while I took care of the complete clothes change on the jungle gym. The kids also survived mostly unharmed. Eli did trip over the little car and hit his eye and lip and I thought for a while he was going to have a black eye but it seemed to fade, thank goodness.
Referrals came out again this month. They are trickling in kinda slow since it is a holiday in China this week so I am not positive about the cut off but I am pretty sure it is November 30, 2005. Yep, for those of you keeping track that is only 5 days this month. For some reason it does not bother me that much. I don't know why I just think that it can't get any worse so why worry about it. Next month I will no doubt feel differently but that is next month.


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