6 Months and a Diet

Well here it is my 6 Month post and I don’t know what to say. The last six months have flown by but for some reason that does not make it any easier. There seems to be no end in sight and all I want is a tiny light at the end of this dark tunnel. Maybe there is a bend down the way but I have not gotten there yet, that is for sure. Sometimes I think the light isn’t there and I am just getting deeper and deeper in some sort of adoption trap but then I try and focus on the positive and remember that we will be parents someday. I think the only people that can truly understand are the ones that have gone though it or are in the process. So what do I do about this melancholy mood? Stay busy, not think about it so much (yeah right)? Whatever I do the time keeps passing and I guess we are getting closer.
I have started the D-word (diet) again. After my doctors visit I decided to join weight watchers online again. Before I got sick this spring I had lost about 20lbs but I have gained it all back since I have got off the program. I did pretty well yesterday staying in my points range and I know if I want to I can do it. One of my goals is to be able to climb the Great Wall of China and not die, so I guess having a few years to get into shape might be needed. I need to go grocery shopping now for D-food so that I don’t starve by eating incredibly small portions of regular food.


Happy 6 Months...
I am 3 days behind you...
We will make it together...
Wish I could go on a diet.
I can not do it...Never have had to diet.. then all of a sudden.. I start gaining weight..
Oh well..
Good luck.. I wish I was as dedicated as you..
Still waiting to see those amazing blankets...
Have a Wonderful Day..
Jimh. said…
Can't believe it has been six months already! Just wish it felt like we were getting somewhere...I share your pain.
Lorrene said…
The first week of a diet is the hardest part. It does get a little easier after the initial shock to your body. The body is not used to it and it's screaming, feed me, I'm hungry.You have to keep screaming back to it. Shut up, it's your imagination.
You might try to keep the voice down a little because you might get hauled off to the looney bin.

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