Turkey Day Weekend

Thanksgiving was wonderful, as always the time went by too fast but we enjoyed every minute of it. It was just six of us at Emily’s on Thursday (Mom, Dad, Emily, Ryan, Jim and I) we had too much food and lots of fun. I still have leftovers, as I am sure we all do. I don’t know what we were thinking on some things. We made 2 bags of cranberries, the biggest pot of mashed potatoes you have ever seen, a 9 x 13 pan of sweet potatoes, roasted a 25 lb turkey, fried a 15lb Turkey and stuffing. We also had a variety of snacks and 3 pies. So needless to say we were stuffed and we will be eating leftovers for a while. Tonight I made turkey taco casserole, a traditional after Thanksgiving meal in our house. It is refigerated over night for better flavor so we will have it tomorrow for dinner.

The puppies are sure growing and are as cute as ever. They were really getting vocal and I think by the weekend they will no longer be containable in the kiddie pool they now call home as they are becoming quite mobile. I did not get any pictures of the puppies but here are a few of mommy and daddy (raising the kids is hard work)

On Friday I drug Emily and Mom to the fabric store, Flannel was on sale. They weren’t really protesting much. It was fun and I go enough flannel to keep me in blankets for a while. Kim, I found a dragonfly print just for you. I had to bargain with a lady to get it so I only got a small amount but it will make a perfect stroller or car blanket. I guess I better get busy sewing!!! I found so many wonderful fabrics I also got more of the ladybug print I like so much and an oriental fan print. I was not quick enough to get the pandas but maybe next year.

Sorry about the scub look but it was a roll out of bed, grab coffee and shop friday morning, not beautty pagent mall shopping.

Jim went to Circuit City and got Sirius Radio for my car. We have it in the truck and I love it. I love my new car but I hate listening to regular radio. I have been listening to Sirius for so long that I forgot about things like static and commercials. Not to mention only having a few channels to listen to instead of the hundred or so on Sirius.

My little guppy made it though the weekend. I was so excited. He even looks like he has grown a bit. People say that fish tanks are a lot of work but I find my lazy approach seems to work best. The fish are doing well and I spend about 10 minutes a week doing a small water change.

I missed my 7th month LIDversary post. With the holiday and Jim bringing me another cold (I tell you that man is so thoughtful and generous)I remembered it but did not have the energy to post. The month has really flown by. Daily the wait seems long but when I look back it doesn’t seem so long. I just hope that it keeps feeling like this. This time of year it is easier and harder at the same time. There is so much going on I don’t have much time to think about it, but then the holidays are all about family and I feel that there is still something missing in ours. How many more holidays will there be before Little Miss is with us? I hope only a couple.


You have been busy...
Can't wait to see the dragonfly print... and I love ladybugs...
Mommy and Daddy sure do look like those puppies are making them tired...
Happy 7 months...
Love all the pictures..
Jimh. said…
As usual, your post shows a wonderful sense of humor and a sharp wit...exactly why I love you. Excellent post.
Lorrene said…
I love all those little naked babies. Very cute !!
My neighbor cleared off my driveway for me. Thank God for nice neighbors.

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