New Car and First Snow

I finally got my car and I am so excited! Jim and I went out on Saturday looking, even though we were pretty sure what we were going to get. It was an all day project and we ended up getting a Toyota Camry Hybrid. They did not have the color that we wanted, even though they said it was there, so they had to bring it in from another dealership. We did not get it until almost 5pm yesterday. These pictures were taken right after we got home. I will post a better picture later but I am going to have to take it in the morning since it is dark when I get home now.

As we were picking up the car last night it started snowing and it kept snowing all evening. We got about 2 inches in all. It is all gone now but there is supposed to be another storm in the area so we may get more. Usually our first snow is not that much. It was awesome but it prevented us from driving our new car around all night, oh the compromises.

We went to Emily and Ryan’s yesterday. I saw the puppies; they are so cute and getting big. Emily and I went shopping for stuff for Thanksgiving. There is going to be six of us and I think we have enough food for about 30, but that is what Thanksgiving is all about, right? Being thankful that we are able to stuff our selves’ silly and eat off the same meal all weekend. Jim and I still have to make a Costco pie run before the big day.

I found a baby guppy in my fish bowl this morning. The fish are in my office so I hope that it survives the long weekend. I normally only feed them 3 times a week but I think this week I will feed them everyday and not clean the bowl so that they have food for the weekend and hope that it works. I am not worried about the adult fish they should be fine but the baby might not make it, there is not much I can do about that.


Jimh. said…
!!!I am just happy I have my truck back finaly!!!
Love the car...
Lorrene said…
Did your guppy survive?

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