TLC Life lessons

I know, I know, TLC life lesson: “Blogging and merlot don’t mix.” Replace merlot with appletini and you have me on a Wednesday night. I wrote a wonderful, completely sober blog the other day on my lunch hour but forgot to email it home so you are stuck with appletini Cora. I am not really impaired yet so you may be in luck (but I make no guarantee, I am still drinking it.)

CCAA only got through 8 days last referral batch, this is not an improvement. I really don’t think that they are going to ever speed up. Jim and I went to the waiting family meeting on Sunday in Seattle. We were the only waiting family there. It actually gave us an opportunity to talk to our social worker about our concerns and options. Right now, if the wait continues to be the same as it has for the last few months, our wait will be about 6 years. Since Jim and I want more than one child, that is not exactly acceptable so we are exploring other options. More on that if anything develops but for now it gave us a lot to think about. We also took advantage of being in Seattle and went to PF Chang’s, one of our favorite restaurants. We also did a little shopping. It was really nice to get out of the house for a day.

BIG NEWS, Emily and Ryan’s boxer Missy gave birth to 5 gorgeous puppies last night. I hope they don’t mind me posting a picture but as the proud auntie I could not help myself. 3 girls and 2 boys and they are all doing well. Congratulations Missy!!

I got my secret pal gift today!!!!! Boy, Oh Boy, who ever she is, she spoils us. It really picked up my spirits to know I had something special for Little Miss to come home to. It was kinda funny, she sent us a toy that played music and, as I was opening the gift, it started playing, Jim and I both looked at each other and asked if we had changed our cell phone rings then we realized that it was coming from the box.


Lorrene said…
What cute little puppies. I can tell Missy is a good Mommie. I feel sorry for animal Mommies, they have to give up their babies while they are still babies. And you want a people baby so bad and with all the unwanted babies you would think one would come your way. It sure isn't a perfect world.
Grandma L
Cute little puppies...
Maybe there is another little one coming in the future..
You know that China is accepting concurrent adoptions..
Love your gifts... the little bear album is cute..
Have a WONDERFUL Week..
Keep your chin up girly..

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