Google Lane

What happens when you google your name? I found out about the California Outdoor Roller-skating Association, the Cora Bike Rack Company, the Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse, and the CORA rehabilitation clinic. Because of this trip down google lane, I am thinking about becoming really active in CORA but I will start by getting in shape and will need to use a Cora Bike Rack (for my 10 speed, I have not ridden in about 12 years) while my skates are being customized. But when I break my ankle the ER doc gets the wrong idea when he sees all the bruises from falling off my bike and refer me to CORA where they learn of my new roller-skating hobby and assume that I must be on drugs. So they send me to CORA where they find out this all started by googling my name and they cancel my internet subscription and send me home.
As you can see above not much has been happening around here hence the lack of posts. I could bore you with our Xbox play but it is more exciting if you are actually the one playing. One bit of exciting news is that I have finally given in and we are going to look for a car this weekend. Stay tuned for the roller-skating schedule.


You are tooo funny..
Good luck on finding a new car.

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