Diet Pepsi Karma

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but due to computer issues I am posting it today. So all of this happened yesterday. :0)

I think the Gods may have been angered. Yesterday I did not drink any Diet Pepsi, really. I don’t have a fever I just decided to have water with lunch I thought it might be healthier. I fear I may have made a grave mistake by not assuring the Pepsi God that I have not abandoned him, it was just one day. It all started last night when I woke up with a sore throat. I thought I must be getting a cold and took some Tylenol and went back to bed. Then when I woke up I was extremely grumpy this morning. I know what you are thinking I am always grumpy in the morning and although this is somewhat true, I am not a morning person, it was an extreme case of B!*@#iness. Just ask Jim. I took my shower and when I got out I noticed my fingers itching, apparently some sort of insect decided to nibble on my fingers in the night. They are little tiny painful and itchy bumps; oh this day is going to be great I can already see it. I am trying to come up with some other explanation other than spider because I think I will have to sleep in another room if there are spiders in my bed. I hate spiders!!!!!!!!!

Now you may thing that these things are just coincidence and have nothing to do with the Pepsi God but when I tell you what happened next I am sure you will be convinced. I was running a few minutes late but I was still going to get to work at a reasonable time. I went out to the car to start it up and through the back passenger window I noticed something was frozen on the inside. What I saw when I opened the door can only be described as a Diet Pepsi crime scene. I had taken a can of Pepsi with me on one of our car trips this weekend and did not drink it I put it in the back seat and forgot to take in when we got home. I have seen frozen cans before and never have I seen an explosion of such great proportions. It was 7 degrees this morning when I went out to the car and I am sure it got much lower during the night. That coupled with disappointing the Pepsi Gods there was no chance for me. I called work and told them I was going to be late and I then called Jim to see if he could take a break from work and come help me. It took us a good 20 minutes to clean out the mess. We had to scrape it off the back of the seats and vacuum it off the floor. It must have exploded and then instantly froze it was the weirdest thing. I think we got it mostly cleaned up since it was pretty much instantly frozen and it was still 7 degrees outside so it did not stain anything that I have found yet.

Then when I finally got on the road I got stuck behind a truck and did not go above 40 mph the whole way to work. Needless to say for lunch today, I had a Diet Pepsi. I am not tempting those fates 2 days in a row :0).


I am laughing my A** off..
You sound like me and my Diet Mt Dew..
I am addicted.. I can't stop..
Hugs to you..
Well we have to have one thing that we enjoy...LOL
Grandma el said…
How funny !!! It's good that it's the dead of winter and not the middle of Summer. An exploding can in the heat would have left an impossible mess. If you would have been in the car when it exploded you have thought you were shot. Now that you know the pepsi gods are after you, you better drink that pepsi at least once a day.
Thanks for the warning, I'm also addicted.
Jimh. said…
See what you get for drinking Diet? I have a can of the REAL thing in the truck and it is still liquid...but, I am not brave enough to open it till its had time to thaw...

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