Finally a Slow Weekend

Friday, we went out to celebrate 9 months being logged in with CCAA at PF Changs. We love PF Changs but we had the worst service in the world. It was almost funny if we weren’t so starving. We weren’t the only ones getting poor service. The table next to us we served their appetizer with out any utensils and there was a server going around to every table asking if they ordered pot stickers since he did not know where they were supposed to be. We even forgot to use our gift card, we were so frustrated by the end of the meal. We will go back but it will be awhile, they need to get their act together first.

Saturday, we did not leave the house except to take the dogs for a walk in the snow. It was cold but nice. It snowed all weekend so we stayed inside and took it really easy. We put together a video cabinet we bought and I sewed a little. Sunday, we went to get lunch and I helped my Mom with her new laptop, then Jim bottled his beer. He added extra sugar to his mix and figures it will be 6.1% alcohol. He is exceedingly proud of himself. But that was about it.

I got my Secret Pal gift on Friday right before we left for Dinner! She is so great and always gets the cutest things. The dishes are great and I can’t wait to use them, and I loved the little socks. I had not had a chance to get any of the stamps yet, so those were also nice. I am going to put them away for Little Miss and am excited to collect all the years. The animals loved the gifts as well. Toby is obsessed with the bamboo. His love affair with the bug has ended. It just amazes me how he knows it is something for him. I opened the package before we left Friday but did not give them the toys yet because I wanted to take a picture. I put them on the kitchen table and in a couple minutes I noticed Toby trying to get them off the table. So I had to hide them better until I gave them their treats on Saturday, too funny.


Sounds like your dinner didn't go as planned..
But at least we have another month behind us..YEAH!!!
Glad you got to relax this weekend..
Sounds like a Great Weekend..
besides the cold-snow
Love the goodies.
Have a Great Week...

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