Little Miss's Haul

Little Miss’s library and closet was increased by our time in town yesterday. We went into town with completely different goals (most of which were accomplished.) First, it was a Fred Meyer stop where among many other things I found an adorable fleece jacket on clearance, of course I could not resist. Then, Jim’s parents were in town so they called and asked if we would meet them for lunch. After lunch, Jim and his Dad went over to Borders and his Mom and I went to TJ Max. I left there without buying any baby clothes, it was amazing. Then at borders they had soft cover books buy one get one half off, so I found 4 that I could not live without ;0).

Last night I worked on some more blankets. I sure hope they actually sell when I figure out how to do it, otherwise I will have baby gifts for the rest of my life. I am getting closer to trying to sell them. I want to get a few more done and maybe a few matching bibs. I was doing the over the head type bib, but was having trouble knitting the neck so yesterday I purchased a snap type that I am going to use for a pattern. I am going to use Velcro instead of snaps. I should be cleaning house today and maybe cleaning out Little Miss’s room, it has become a catch all lately, but I think I will work on more blankets.
Girl Blankets
Boy Blankets

On the adoption front, the CCAA seems to be working at a slow snail's pace. Jim and I are seriously considering our options to get a little one in our home in less than six years. Who knows, we may end up with a little mister here first, but Little Miss will get here someday it is just going to take time.


LOVE the books and the little jacket...
Sounds like you have been busy..
LOVE THE BLANKETS.. I like the ladybug the chinese lantern.. and how neat to have matching bibs...
I am sooo ready..
Can you send me a picture of them where I can click on it to see them closer???
Thanks girly...
Sounds like you might be thinking of a little boy soon..
I am sooo excited for you...
Hugs to you girly..
Have a Great Day..
We are relaxing.. kids are playing ROCK BAND.. it is soooo funny...
You can email me on my personal email.. then you don't have to talk to the whole yahoo group..
Love the blankets.. I got the one to open up..
Talk to you soon..

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