Nine Months!!

Nine months, wow! I really don’t know what to say. Shouldn’t I be in labor by now? As it is, I think I am still in the 1st trimester? I guess, we just continue to take it one month at a time. I am filled with mixed emotions at this mark, I am happy we made it nine months and I am sad that we don’t know where this tunnel is going to come out. Last year at this time I was gathering paperwork and waiting anxiously for my Birthday, this year I am just waiting. I know in my heart that our Little Miss will eventually get here, it is just hard to not know when. I hope that this year brings many wonderful surprises and it goes as fast as the last nine months. The last couple months our LIDiversary has just kind of come and gone without event, mostly due to the holidays, so I think tonight we will make the drive to PF Changs and celebrate with some good food. Besides the 9 month mark is big in the baby world, right?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


HAPPY 9 Month LID...
We are getting there little by little girly..
But I will be right beside you all the way..
Have a Great Weekend..
Hope you had a Great Weekend...
Have a Great Week..

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