Pizza Night!

I have been holding on to this post for a while. (The computer was acting up when it happened) A few weeks ago, on a Friday, I asked Jim to get us a pizza at Papa Murphy’s on the way home. I got home, really looking forward to that pepperoni or Hawaiian, but when I walked in the door Jim said, really seriously, “You’re going to be mad at me” I said “why?” thinking something really bad was coming, he got a speeding ticket, lost his job or something even worse. Then he said something that I never expected, he said “I accidentally bought a stuffed pizza.” What? I was not prepared for this statement. Now keep in mind I do not really like stuffed pizza’s just because they are hard to bake in our oven and they seem to either burn or stay doughy but other than that I am OK with them. I had to ask “how did you accidentally buy a stuffed pizza?” and this was Jim’s explanation “well, I was going to order a Cowboy but then when I got to the counter I could not remember that, and I looked at the menu and saw Chicago and thought that was right.” My thought at this point was ‘how pretty was the cashier?’ But I let him continue, only smiling. I really started to laugh when he told me the rest of it. Jim goes “well, I thought the look she gave me was kind of strange (I knew it was a girl) when I asked for ½ green peppers.” I was laughing so hard at this point that I about peed my pants. I told him that I was going to blog about this but this is the first chance I got. We at ate the pizza and it was pretty good although a little doughy in the middle, but we were never able to tell which “half” had green peppers. I would give a large sum of money to have seen his expression when they handed him the pizza.
I hope that one day, a teenage, Little Miss reads this and can understand that her Dad has always been a nerd and is not just out to ruin her life.


Katie said…
Don't worry Cora, the rest of the family will also vouch that Jim has always been a nerd to Little Miss. I accepted that about my dad a long time ago and I am sure she will too! :)
That is tooo funny...
Glad that the pizza was ok to eat...
Hugs to you girly..
Love it..

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