Positively a New Year.

Well 2008 is here! I hope that it is good. I am not one to make resolutions but I am going to try and stay positive more than not this year. It may be hard considering that the CCAA just sent out referrals and they only went to December 19, 2005. That is only five days but it has been worse. I think that is just what we need to expect this year and then if it improves then it will be a pleasant surprise. How is that for positive? Is it working yet? Some how we will be parents before we are too old to adopt a second time but I am not sure how we are going to accomplish this. People tell me “don’t give up, it is worth it” but I have to think that when we were trying to get pregnant we were told the same thing and look where that got us. So in the spirit of being positive I am tired of waiting and I may have to find a way to make it happen sooner. I am not sure how I am going to do that but I will find a way.

As I may have mentioned Jim has been subbing long term in an 8th grade social studies class for the last 3 months. They decided to hire a permanent employee and Jim did get an interview but he did not get the job. It is actually a good thing. It was not a good fit for him. One of the other teachers in his group did not like him and thought because he did not have kids he could not be a good teacher. Now, officially he did not get it because the other candidate had more experience but I think it had more to do with the teacher that did not like him. So he will go back to regular subbing but I am sure he will find the right job soon. I want him to love the job that he gets and I think that other teacher would have made him miserable, plus the fact that I wanted to go punch her out for the comment about us not having children. Oh yeah, more positive, no punching out ignorant people, plus it might not look good on our next home study update.

Jim’s sister is still pregnant. She is due on the 7th but I have the 11th in the poll so I am hoping for that day. I also think it is going to be a boy but I don’t really care I just can’t wait to get to know a new little person. It is exciting just another week or 2.

Well Toby has just crawled but on my lap and is attempting to lay on the computer so I guess it is his way of telling me enough blogging for the night. I will leave you with a couple pics of my favorite Puppy Dogs and one Puppy Cat.

Can you believe she fit in there? It is Toby and Sully's bed.

I guess it was what she had to do since Toby thinks he needs the big bed.

Then there is the Cat, enough said.


I am with you on the positive note...
I will be by your side all the way...
Love the pictures of the doggies and kitty..
Hugs to you girly..
May this year FLY by...
Grandma L said…
I am proud of Jim's accomplishments. I know he is a great teacher and deserves the best job. It's just around the corner and so is the baby.
Grandma L said…
She thinks because he does not have children he would not be a good teacher. That is what you call "rubbing salt into an open wound". May a herd of buffaloes fly up her nose.

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