Toby and the Bug

I think I forgot to post about last month’s secret pal gift on my blog (I posted to secret pal blog). The reason that I mention it now is that among many wonderful things for Little Miss my secret pal also included some treats for the furry kids. One of them was a Ladybug dog toy, this just happened to be the same toy that I got for him a while back and he liked it so much I was thinking of getting him another one. Apparently, the one that my SP sent is much more special as he will not let it out of site. It is so funny because he has not destroyed it yet and usually squeakers are gone within minutes of opening a new toy. After several weeks it is still intact with only a few small holes. He is so smart, when I say stop squeaking he stops, if we try to hide it, he can find it anywhere. Even in another room with the door shut, he will sit at the door until we open it. When I got home from work the other day he tried to bark with the bug in his mouth it was the one of the funniest thing I have ever seen.

As some of you know, Toby thinks his proper place at night is under the covers, and if you are ever an overnight guest in our house you had better shut the door or you might find a puppy in your bed. The other night Toby did not get into our bed until almost 3 in the morning I figured it was because he would not leave his bug. When we woke up in morning what did we find under the covers, but Toby and the bug. He must have had trouble getting the bug under the covers because since then he has laid it on top of the covers while he goes under.

I even had to wash the bug the other day because he took it outside and got it all muddy. I have never had to wash a dog toy before, they usually are destroyed before they get dirty. He definitely knows the difference between old bug and new bug because several times we have tried to trick him with the de-squeaked version, he will have none of that!

I think Toby may be a little OCD or ADHD, what do you think, puppy Ritalin?

This is proof that he picks new bug.


Toby is the funniest...
Looks like he loves his little bug..
Have a Great Weekend.
Have you got anymore blankets done or the bibs???
Can't wait to buy some..
I am ready when you are...LOL
Lorrene said…
Toby really is in love with that bug. You can call it his Wife.
Anonymous said…
I will be sending your package tomorrow... sorry.. what I ordered still hasn't came.. so it will be a SURPRISE next month...
- Secret Pal

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