Wednesday Night Movie

I have been wanting to see the Golden Compass before it is out of the theater so I was feeling pretty good after work so Jim and I decided to go to the Movies. On the way there I was thinking well this is something that we are able to do since we don’t have kids yet. We can go to a movie on a Wednesday night. Boy was I wrong, apparently Wednesday is take your kids the movie night. It was an early show and a kid’s movie but I was a bit surprised. I was not at all bothered by them I found a lot of the comments rather cute. I guess you know you are ready to be a parent when the constant chatter of a Three year old during a movie enhances the experience. I especially liked when she turned to her dad and said “but there are not really talking bears, Dad” like she was reassuring him or when she opened the door for us on the way out proclaiming her great strength.
The movie was great and we should definitely do that more often. It was fun.


That is tooo cute..
Glad you had a Great Time..

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