What a weekend!

Wow were we busy this weekend. I hope next weekend is a little more relaxing. Here are the details of the events. Saturday morning we woke up early and watched a movie that we rented the night before but were too tired to watch. (Wild Hogs is hilarious by the way). Then we headed out to my favorite store (Target) to get something to wrap David’s shower gift in. We found that relatively easily but I also found this cute ladybug CD holder, needless to say I could not resist. Then it was off to the shower which was in the Tri-cities about a 1 ½ hour drive. The shower was great. The baby is getting so cute it is amazing how much they change in 2 weeks.
Then after the shower Jim and I went to the mall, I wanted to get some stuff at Bath and Body Works since we don’t have one locally. After we got the needed bubble bath and some good smelling hand soap we went to Barnes and Nobles but, before we arrived, the Gymboree Store sucked me in. Although I love it I don’t think I should be allowed in that store. They had all this Panda stuff on clearance!!!!

Do you really think I could stop myself? My husband (the great enabler) also was taken in by the super cuteness. Now I just need Little Miss so I can dress her up in all the cuteness.
Sunday we had planned to put together a small shed that Jim bought for the back yard but it was so cold and windy we decided that it wasn’t a good idea. So instead we cleaned my fish tank. What a chore that turned out to be. I should have taken some before and after pics but I didn’t think about it. The tank was completely overgrown with what we call grape algae. It had grown into the gravel so bad that when I went to pull it out all the gravel came with it. We ended up taking all the living things out and tried to get most of the algae out and then we re-arranged and put everything back.

I then called Emily and asked her to get us some emerald crabs for me.

They are supposed to eat grape algae. Our plan was to drive down to her house to pick them up after Emma’s Birthday party.
So then we piled in the car and went to Emma’s party. We had lots of fun pretending to camp and watching the kids play. Emma is growing up way too fast. By the time we left there to go to Emily’s it was 7 o’clock. We had a short visit with Emily and Ryan and the Dogs. They still have boomer so if you know anyone that wants a cute Boxer puppy let me know and I’ll set you up.

We headed home with the crabs and did not get back until 10:30, Sunday night.
I was supposed to work yesterday but I ended up not going in. I should have asked for it off a long time ago. The plant was not running and I really did not have that much going on and I have a lot of vacation days to use before June and I really just wanted to stay home. Is that enough excuses? Yesterday was just spent relaxing and enjoying some down time.


Sounds like you were super busy...
Love the ladybug cd holder... and the panda clothes are adorable...
Fish tanks are sooo time consuming when cleaning..
Love the little boxer.. wish we had more room.. But if that was the case.. I would have tooooo many doggies..
Have a Great Evening..
Grandma el said…
What a cute puppy!!! Did they sell Junior or is he for sale?
Not that I want to buy a puppy, just curious.
Those clothes are adorable. I hope Little Miss will be on the scene soon. I know she will love them.
Cora said…
Junior found a home so Boomer is the only one left. He is really cute but I think that the number of dogs in the house should not exceed the number of people so we are at our limit. I hope he finds a good home soon.

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