Bye Bye Boom Boom

Last night Boomer met his new family. He was the last of the puppies to go and I think if it would have taken any longer he would have become a permanent member of the family. He will be missed but he went to a really nice family. They have 2 young kids to play with him and he is going to be well loved.

Jim wants a Wii. He played one the other day and had a blast. I want a new laptop first. I am hoping for that government refund to get a good laptop. Jim would spend it on a game and he does not even play the Xbox we have. His theory is that I could use it to get my 20 minutes of activity a day. Which is my goal but I have not been doing great. I think he is stretching a bit on the amount that we will actually use it. He is also using the writers strike to his advantage saying we may never have new shows ever again.

In the mean time while we argue about how to spend money we don’t really have. We are going to get an external hard drive and transfer all of the data on our desktop. Then maybe eliminate the computer all together. Maybe we can regain the bedroom and our home will be more accommodating for more than one kid?

Well I better get up and get moving; maybe I can make my 20 minute goal today by shopping? Don’t get your hopes up, Jim, I am not going to be shopping for a Wii. And don’t worry we don’t have a Gymboree store in town.


Oh ... glad he went to a Good home..
Sounds like you are having a relaxing day..
Have a Great Weekend..
grandma el said…
That is sad to separate the puppy from his mommy and daddy. Dogs really have a rough life. I guess they don't really have to do anything except eat and nap. That part doesn't sound too rough.

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