February 29th 2008!!!

Leap day has never really fazed me much but as I think about it today, I feel we should celebrate. With the wait as long as it is becoming I really don’t know when Little Miss is going to be coming home. So I don’t really know how many Easters, Mother’s Days, Father’s Days, Thanksgivings and Christmas’ we are going to have with out her. I can say with relative certainty that this will be the last leap day we will have. So it is time to celebrate. We went out to dinner and spent way too much money on steak and shrimp and a couple of glasses of wine but it was good. We went to got icecream at the grocery store and that is going to be desert. Next leap day we will have our child and I hope it is more mac & cheese and sippy cups than steak and wine but for now I am going to enjoy the way it is as much as possible.
Have a good weekend everyone! It is warm here so I hope to get outside and work in the yard a little but it may rain so I might just stay inside with the windows open and get a little sewing done maybe put the blankets on a blog. Well I guess I will just see what comes.


Have a Great Weekend..
Happy Leap Year...
Can't wait to see the blankets..
grandma l said…
What a great picture of the two of you!! I guess when you're so "good looking" you can't help but take a great picture. I can't wait to see a picture like this with your daughter included.
Emily said…
This is the best picture that I have seen of you two! I want a copy!
Your sis,

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