My Oh My, So Much Time So Little to Say

Wait, strike that, reverse it. I have been away too long. So with the computer out, I have been away from Cyberland for a while. I have been checking in from work from time to time but I have been busy there as well. Well I’m sure since it has been so long since my last post many things are going to get overlooked, I would give you some examples but then I would not be overlooking them:0) I will focus on more recent events, in no particular order.

Not only did we get Jim’s Computer fixed but I got a new laptop!!!! I am so excited. Jim has wanted to get me one for a long time but we keep putting it off. It is not something that I really need but it is very cool!! Ok I am a little giddy. This way I can play my game, check my email, try out the digital scrapbooking that I have wanted to try, blog, and so much more, with out feeling like I am cutting into Jim’s time. Plus he can check the sub online site regularly and hopefully get more jobs. Another advantage also is that eventually we want to get rid of our old desktop because it just takes up too much space and we were not able to do that until we got a better laptop, so now we can, when we get to it. We figured we could afford a new computer right now more than a bigger house, does that make any sense?

We also got a new vacuum cleaner! It is a Dyson animal and it works so much better than what we were using. The last thing that I want is for Little Miss to be covered in hair everyday and if she was to crawl on our floor before this weekend that would have been the case but not anymore. I can’t believe the amount of dust and hair that this thing picks up that our old vacuum left behind. It also has a really long hose and wand so I can get my ceilings without a least mostly.

Apparently, we spent enough money this weekend to alert the bank and they put a temporary hold on our card. I had to call them this morning to get it removed. We got our tax return back and thought we would try to stop that recession they have been talking about in one massive shopping spree weekend.

My Secret Pal came through with another wonderful gift this month. It was a Kimberly Dress and a matching headband from Robin at Red Thread Stitches and a really cute Valentines Day bib and board book. The really funny thing is that I bought the same dress in the same fabric although a different size a few weeks ago and I am just waiting for it to come in. I have said it many times before that our tastes are really similar and I could not believe how much so when I opened the gift. Maybe she just has a psychic ability to know what I will like. I hope that my secret pal is enjoying the gifts that I send as much as I enjoying receiving gifts.

Speaking of Red Thread Stitches I was really impressed with the quality of the dress and I think I may just have to go back and order a few more things. I think I might change it up a bit and not order the "Kimberly" dress in the "Touch of Asia" fabric this time, but you never know, it might become a theme: one for every year :0)

Ok, if you are still reading you may want to take a short break get a soda or use the potty because I am still typing.

Jim called me today shortly after lunch to tell me he got something in the mail and before I tell you what it was I need to tell a little story. Some of you may know it but here it goes again.

When we lived in California we lived in company housing but we paid all of our own utilities. The first month we lived there our electric bill was only a few dollars which we thought was strange but I figured we would wait and see what happened the next month, because of the billing cycles might be weird or something. The next month came around and again our electric bill was less than $10. So we called the electric company and even though we told them it could not be right, they insisted that it was. So we paid the bill and the next month the same thing happened. Then about the third month we lived there we got a notice on our door saying they were going to turn off our electricity so we immediately called them and told them that we were paying the bill that they were sending us but it could not be right because it was such a small amount usually less than $20. The person assured us that we were paying the right bill and the disconnect notice was a mistake. This went on for almost a year and about every three months they would either turn off our electricity temporarily or they would leave us a notice saying they were about to do so. Every time this happened we would call them and tell them they were not charging us the right amount but how hard do you have to fight to pay someone something they say you don’t owe?

Finally, after about a year, someone at the electric company grew a brain cell and realized that we were right and they were wrong. So they sent us a bill for a ridiculous amount money (I don’t even remember what it was) but they wanted it in one lump sum which we did not have at the time. So after fighting with them about the fact that it was their mistake that they did not bill us properly and that they should not expect such a large amount in one lump sum, we worked out payment plans. (it was not quite that easy but you get the picture) We ended up paying them off before we moved back to Washington and did not think much more about it until today.

When Jim picked up the mail today he found a letter from PG&E (the electric company) and inside it was a check for almost $1000 dollars!!! OMG! Apparently there has been some investigation and that because of the billing practices and other legal stuff, PG&E has been ordered to pay back some customers and we were one of them. I’m still in shock and I’m going to set it aside in the bank and wait for a call telling me they made a mistake again and we actually still owe them money. It is actually kind of funny because we just went through something similar with the recliners we bought. We had to argue with them that we had not paid them yet. I want to be honest and pay for what I buy but, come on, it should not be this difficult.

Ok, one last thing (I promise), we got tickets to Phoenix for our vacation! I am excited to be leaving town although it is still a few weeks away. I am not sure exactly what we are going to do there other than Jim’s museum visits but I’m sure we will have fun!!

Ok, maybe I should not go so long with out posting.


LOVE the new laptop and the new cleaning tool...
Love the dress.....
Sounds like you have been busy..
Glad you got tickets...
email me and let me know when you are going to be here and if you have any free time..Maybe we can go out to eat or something..
Have a Great Week..
Glad you are up and running again..
Have you got any of the bibs done???
grandma l said…
I am happy for you. It's like Christmas time in February.Looks like Toby is enjoying the laptop as well. Or maybe it's the lap that he enjoys. I have one of those,under the arm dogs, too.
EnJoy your vacation!!!
Jimh. said…
I think having two computers has brought us closer and, is AWESOME!!!! The Dyson works so nicely. Love you!

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