Rabbit Food

While I sit here at lunch and sip my V8 (which smells slightly of rabbit pellets), I dream of a chocolate milkshake. Last week I really started logging my points on weight watchers and I did well until Sunday when I ate almost an entire bag of Doritos. I have not lost a pound. I really want to lose weight but I also want to eat something other than rabbit food.
I have been a bit discouraged lately. The adoption seems to be at a stand still and even though we are looking into other programs the progress seems to be very slow. Our agency is supposedly working on it but the trickle of information is not encouraging. I want to be more active in this process and I can’t. I want to be over the shoulder of the person writing the information and asking, why they took a 40 minute lunch or was that trip to the coffee pot necessary but instead I wait “patiently” and hope that soon we will know something.
The lap top went in for repairs today hopefully they can fix it. Jim also took the truck in for some much overdue maintenance. So I guess things are getting done it just seems slow.
I got a new book in the mail. Baby Bargains it is supposed to help you sort out what you need and what you can live without. I want to start buying some of the big things soon so we don’t have all that expense at one time but where to start? I read some of it last night and it seems to give good advice.
Well, obviously there is not much to report just working and waiting and waiting and waiting. My V8 is gone and I should get back to work.


Hang in there girly...
I hope your agency gives you some info. soon...
On buying the big stuff.. I had a list to buy one thing every month.. Well I started it with Bath stuff.. and then stopped because of the long wait.. And don't have room to store it...
I hope things get better..
HUGS to you..
Grandma el said…
Rabbit Pellets, eh? I'm not sure what those taste like. I know how awful it is to starve and then it doesn't show on the scale. The doritos probably caused you to retain some water. You probably lost something. It's either weight or wait. I have high hopes for your wait for the baby. It will be less than a year. I know that's a long time when you've already been waiting so long, but hang on. It will be so worth it.

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