Getting Ready To GO!!!

I am so in need of this break. I can’t wait to go. I have had enough of work and I need warmer weather. It was really nice for a couple of weeks and then the first day of spring it was 28 degrees outside when I left for work. I am ready for spring!! I love the winter but it needs to go for about 9 months.
We have so much to do before we go it is going to be a busy week. Jim’s parents came to dinner tonight and we showed them how to feed and water the fish. Yes, I said water the fish, with the lights that we have, the water evaporates rather quickly and needs to be replaced every couple of days or it will get too salty for the fish. They will also check on the cat, so he does not get too lonely. Tomorrow, we need to do a lot, some shopping, some packing and somehow fit in an Easter visit because it sounds like Emma is having uncle Jim withdrawals. It will be nice to see everyone; I am sure baby David has grown so much since we saw him last in February.
Emma was apparently worried about Uncle Jim not having a birthday party. She is so sweet. Jim’s Birthday is the Sunday we leave for Arizona so no party on his birthday, but maybe when we get back we will find a way to get together again between our birthdays.
My back is getting better, but it still bothers me from time to time. Maybe if I would have had the massage therapy the doctor wanted, but I am too cheap and I don’t really have the time. I think I just need to rest it and I only took the muscle relaxants she gave me for a couple of days but I have them now if it gets bad again.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend (look at me I talk like there are a bunch of people who read my blog. There are probably only a handful of people here but someday I will be famous and I will get a thousand hits a day and all of them will leave beautiful comments, Ok in my dreams but seriously I don’t dream of blogs, I dream of babies. Wow, that was really off topic.) I am so excited about next weekend, this weekend is kind of a blur.
I will leave you with a great shot of Jim and me from Eli’s Birthday. I got a bunch of pics printed and sent to me and I thought this one was blog worthy.


Jimh. said…
Gosh, aren't we stying? You look good in Blue!!
Jimh. said…
styling was the correct word...
Great picture...
Sounds like you are ready for 80 degree weather... it is nice..
Have a Safe Trip..
Happy Easter..
Can't wait to meet you..
grandma ll said…
How adorable !! You two rock.........

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