New Blinds

We bought our house 8 years ago, it was new and had no window coverings. We did not have much extra money then so we bought cheap plastic mini-blinds. Slowly we have replaced the window coverings in each room but it has taken this long to finally get new blinds for the living room. I know it probably should have been the first room to replace but I could not make up my mind. We actually replaced the cheap blinds with more cheap blinds a couple times because I was not sure what I wanted. I finally just did it, we got wood blinds for the front room. I even ordered them so the tilters and the lift cords are on the same side toward the front door so they are easier to get to. I ordered them about a week ago and today the Fed Ex man showed up with my new blinds!! Jim went to work right away and put them up and they are absolutely fabulous.

Later we went to Costco and found a new coverlet set for our bed. It looks great. I have been looking at quilts like this for a while and since they had the whole set it was the perfect opportunity. I also found these great books for Little Miss’s Library. I love finding books at Costco because they are usually about have price. I have learned to get them when I see them otherwise they are gone by the next time I go in.

I could not resist putting in a picture of the “kids” it is rare that we are able to catch them in one shot. They are so sweet when they are asleep :0)


Love the blinds...
We have white wooden blinds through-out the house...
Love the fur-babies..
Have a Great Weekend..
grandma said…
Wooden blinds!!! They are smart looking. It must be nice to have a "Handy man" around to do things like that. Change batteries in the ceiling smoke alarms and put up new blinds. You know us women could do it too, but lets keep the men thinking they are the only ones that can handle it. LOL !! Who am I kidding? After an hour of trying I'd be in tears.
momtoo said…
Those blinds sure look good. I hadn't seen wooden ones before. Then again I still have the good old plastic ones from Walmart. But may have to rethink my windows. The grandkids do look like little angels asleep. Love your blog.

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