Our Wonderful First Day of Vacation

This is going to be short because I was too tired to blog last night and I need to start getting ready for the day.
We got to Phoenix after a early but good flight I think Jim enjoyed it more than me, but it was his Birthday, although he did not raise his hand when they asked on the plane if it was anyone’s birthday :0)
We found Bethany’s place with relative ease only one missed exit. We went out to lunch and then took off exploring the area, which was much easier to navigate than Portland. We found a cool monument park which had a couple memorials to the Arizona (the ship that is at the bottom of Pearl Harbor)
Here is a picture of Jim next to the Anchor.

Then we get to the good part of the night, dinner with Kim, John, Nick, Colton and KyLee. We had a great time. I was so nervous, I was really excited to meet them but I have never gone out to dinner with someone I met on the internet before, completely new experience for us.
We had a great time. The food was good. Jim was really worried about not liking the soup because with our bad food experiences lately he thought for sure they would think we were picky snobs. But the rest of the meal came and it was great. It reminded us of the Panda Garden, the restaurant that we used to eat at in college. Here are some pictures.

I also got some great gifts. I can't wait to put our picture in the frame.

What do you want us to do with our hands?? Oh this?

Thanks, Bison Family for a great meal and wonderful start to our vacation.


Jimh. said…
Yeah, it was a wonderful evening! This is going to be a great vacation!
LOVE the pictures..
You are going to have to send me what you got and I will send you what we got..
I am sooo glad we were both nervous.. I thought I was the only one ....
It is different.. but you know what.. it was GREAT..
I am sooo glad we all got to meet you.. the kids LOVED it..
Have fun here in Sunny AZ.~ you are going to love it..
HUGS to you my new friend..
I sooo hope we get to go to China together..I keep saying that .. maybe it will happen..
Have a Great Day..
Can't wait for more pictures..
grandma el said…
I love the pictures. It looks like everybody is having lots of fun. You will probably be life long friends.
Anonymous said…
i had a great time to!!!! I was sohappy to get to meet one of my moms blogger friends!!!!! LOVE the pictures !!!!!

-KyLee <3

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