Pi Day and Secret Pals

You learn something new every day and today I learned that today is pi day. March 14 is pi day because π is represented as 3.14. I don’t know enough about pi day so I thought I would direct you to a π day website for your surfing pleasure. Now I am a nerd so I will celebrate π day with a cran-apple martini but these people have videos and T-shirts and songs and much more. Ok you got me, I would love to have a π T-shirt. I think this is pretty cool too. And I am too much of a nerd not to like this.

Today on π day I also received my March Secret Pal gift. I got this amazing Leapfrog refrigerator magnet toy. It is so much fun I am going to put it on the frig now it sings a little song when you match the animal halves. It is even great if you mismatch the animals you can make a pig/ duck or a horse /cow and it sings you a silly little song. She also sent me another great flap book by Karen Katz. Little Miss is going to love these. She also sent some really cute bows for Little Miss’s hair. I hope she has a lot of hair because her mommy is going to love fixing it with all the cute bows I am collecting. Thank you secret pal for making my week end on a high note.

So, Happy π day to all and to all a good night!!!!


jimh. said…
too awesome, even though you beat me to wishing you a happy holiday. I always enjoy it. And obviously, who could not love a little bit of pi.
Jimh. said…
I really like the Mai Tai Chondria shirt, but the only reason I get it is because of my mother!!!!!
Jim made a post before me.. he is probably jumping for joy...LOL>.
Happy Pi day... that is tooo funny...
Love your goodies..
I want to get me one of those animal fridge things... I see them everywhere...
Have a Great Weekend..
Laura said…
Cora you are a nerd, a Never Ending Radical Dudette! We had an assembely a week ago at my school about bullying and the guys putting it on said that nerd means a never ending radical dude or dudette!

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