1 Year DTC!!

I almost forgot. One year ago today our documents arrived in China. I was super stressed all weekend long because I was worried they were going to log them in before my 30th birthday on the 22nd. I was worried all week long until we got notice that our LID was 4/25/07. Wow, it was close but I am thankful for that because a few days in this process might mean months in the end. So 4/25 is the date that we recognise because we will get our little girl according to that day but today is also special.


You will probably hear this alot from me but even though it has been hard, looking back the year has gone rather quickly. It is looking forward that really seems long. I just wish we new where the end of the wait was and when our Little Miss is coming home.


So they told you 4/27 but ended up being 4/25???
Happy 1 year DTC...
I am here for you always..
This year has went pretty quickly..
Cora said…
Correction - it was always 4/25. I don't know why I put 4/27. I think my mind is failing me in my old age :0)
Jimh. said…
WOW!!! A Year since we were so very nervous! I can't believe it has been so long. And, yet, not long enough, apparently. Well, I am going to finish cooking dinner! Steak and Veggies! A celebratory meal.

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