Animals and the Red Rocks

Sorry I am a little late posting, I fell asleep shortly after we got back last night. This vacation is wearing me out. It makes me worry a bit about our China trip I am going to be exhausted, with a little one to chase after and so many things to see and do. But I guess it will be good that I will have an excuse to go back to the hotel at midday most days, “Little Miss is looking tired must be nap time (for me, ha ha)”

Yesterday started out a little later than we hoped for but we made it up to Sedona area by about 11. We went to the Out of Africa Park, it was pretty neat. First we went to the giant snake show but it was pretty basic so we walked back down to the Serengeti tour looking at all the lions and tigers and other animals while we went. We got some good pics of “Boom Boom” the rhino. He was being sold because a animal park has closed down and the highest bidder was going to take him to a hunting place in Texas, and shoot him. So they got a generous donation to buy him. He is a really cool animal he knows his name and will come when called just for a scratch by the keepers.

This place is different form a regular zoo because they have a lot of contact with the animals whenever possible. They took us on a bus through an area that has a giraffe, zebra, ostrich and two kinds of antelope. They gave us carrots to feed the giraffe and if you put them in your mouth he would take them right out of it. I was a little bit wary at first but then I thought how often are you going to be that close to a giraffe. It was cool but I was so nervous about being slobbered on I forgot to reach out and pet him.

Then we went and saw the Tiger splash show. They would basically tease these big cats with toys and try to get them to jump in the water. It looked like the tigers were having a lot of fun, they usually won and got the toy in the end, because what sane person is going to argue with a tiger.

After that we decided to walk the other way down to see more animals. We got a lion pride and it started raining and blowing pretty hard so we flagged down a tram and rode it to the gift shop.
We then drove into Sedona, it is a neat town and very pretty. Even the McDonalds fit in. The golden arches were green because apparently there is an ordinance against clashing with the scenery. The rocks are gorgeous. We walked around the shops and had a great time. We of course bought a few things as well. Then we were told by a nice lady at the Desert Botanical Gardens that if we went that way be sure not to miss the sunset at the airport mesa lookout. So that is where we headed. It was spectacular I think Jim took about 100 pictures just of that.
Well I better get myself ready and go do something today. We are not sure what we are going to do but I am sure we will have fun.

Oh and I can’t forget what is going on back home. Congratulations to Carrie, Scott and family, they got the keys to their new home yesterday and are going to start moving in this weekend!! We are so sorry we will miss the moving, ;0) but we can’t wait to see the place when we get back. I spoke with Emma on the phone last night and she sounded excited. I also hope someone showed that girl a map because I think she thought AZ was a whole other country.


Jimh. said…
Red Rock is cool. As usual, I can see spending a vacation with no one else, but you. I have had so much fun!
grandma el said…
Love all the great pictures.
What a fantastic vacation you're having.
LOVE the pictures...
Sedona is sooo beautiful...
Sounds like you are having lots of fun on your vacation..
The Red Rock is amazing..
Can't wait to see what you are doing today...
Have a Great Day...
Anonymous said…
Does Camels play volley ball? Who did they play against? The turtles? Was that a cheatos in your mouth or a cheetah? My spelling book is too old to have the correct spellings. Remember it came over in the mom

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