Dinner & a Movie

Well, I am officially 31 and one day. I guess it is not so bad. I just thought I would be 31 and have a slightly bigger family but I know it is coming. It is less that I am sad and more that the emotion of the wait got me for a few days. Yesterday I wore my ladybug necklace all day (even at work, bad Cora) and it seems to have lifted my spirits. Oh, the magic of a ladybug is great.

Jim took me out to dinner and I really wanted to go to the Thai restaurant I like but apparently I don’t like enough because I think they are going out of business and were closed. So we decided to try a new Chinese restaurant, risky I know. But I had an ace up my sleeve, I finally got smart and asked a guy at work who is married to a Chinese woman, if there are any good Chinese places in town. He said that his wife’s friend owns Ki Ki’s and it was OK. I think his wife’s cooking is probably better in his eyes but the food was fantastic. I don’t even think celery stir fry was on the menu and the nice lady serving us was Chinese (crazy, I know.) We will definitely be back.

Then we went and saw Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who. It was great. I love Jim Carey and Carol Burnett. There were only about 8 people there. It is a really funny movie and I think we will have to add it to our collection when it comes out on DVD I could watch it again. And going to the movies again I got to watch the preview to Kung Fu Panda with Jack Black I can’t wait to see that one. Could not tell I’m 31 by the movies I watch that is for sure.


Jimh. said…
I think you're excellent,
In my eyes your GOLD!
And a Person's a Person,
No matter how OLD!
Jimh. said…
Oh, I enjoyed the movie by the way! And the dinner was...YUMMY!
grandma el said…
I love Carol Burnett. The funniest woman ever born. It sounds like you had a nice birthday.
Jimh. said…
Uhmmm, Cora? I was cleaning house, and I just realied, do you remember there was this little wooden spoon that I carved, it was insignificant really, it was black, I don't know if you would have seen it, but would you happen to know where it is? I, ummm, want to show it to my classes...yeah!
Isn't so bad being 31 , HUH...
Glad you had a Great Day...
Looks like I will have to get those movies also..
Have a Great Evening..

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