Evil Decay Crusaders!

It is official, I hate the dentist! (and the hygienist). I went in for a cleaning today and I should be happy that I have no cavities instead I am miserable. I have sores in the back of my mouth now and my gums are swollen. I was fine before I went so what did they do? I was only there for 40 minutes and that includes the waiting room. I have never felt like this after a cleaning. I was having trouble with my jaw cramping up but I don’t think that would cause the swelling. Who knows?

Sorry for the short post but I think I need to take more Tylenol.


Sorry to hear about your dentist visit...
Hope you feel better soon...
Where is the spoon tonight??? LOL
grandma el said…
I think you must have had an inexperienced hygenist. You were probably her first patient.
Cora said…
First, it was at least the third time she cleaned my teeth so maybe I just made her mad last time?
Second, since I left before Jim and got home after him, the spoon is still out of reach but trust me it will be gone. Wuh huh huh huh!
Jimh. said…
Keep wishing, Sweety! I will use superglue or something to attach it!

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