Fun and exhausting

The weekend for me started early with a Friday off, Yea! I just took it easy and worked on some fun projects that I have wanted to try. I found a pattern for baby crib shoes and I had some scrap fabric so I decided to give it a try. They are a work in progress but I am getting there, the only problem is finding time to work on them. I went into town Friday afternoon. I got a fun Ty panda to celebrate our LID I also found a cool frame it says “No Ordinary Family” on the bottom. I think for now I am just going to put a picture of Jim and I and the pups but someday after Little Miss comes home we will have family pictures in it. Hallmark has some really neat frames right now.
Friday night my sisters came into town and we spent the evening together with my parents. I don’t think we have all been together since Christmas. We had take out Chinese from our new good Chinese restaurant that we found and just hung out together. We listened to good music and had some good wine, it was fun. We really need to get together more often but it is so hard to coordinate three busy lives.
Fun Pic. (KyLee, I'm learning, sort of)

Saturday Jim and I got up early and got some garbage out for the city clean up day. How come it seems we never know about clean up day until the day before? Oh well, we got rid of some trash and cleaned up the yard a bit. Then I went to Mom and Dad’s to see the sisters again. Emily brought all of her Mary Kay makeup and I of course needed some essentials. I ended up with a little more than the essentials but let’s just say I can be beautiful now.

Dad had plans for us after we made our selves all pretty. It might have been better if he would have shared his plans before we got all pretty. He wanted to get moved out of the storage unit, the dusty, dirty, filthy storage unit. That’s ok, they needed help and it went pretty fast since there was 6 of us. They are now completely out of the unit, Yippee! Emily, Molly, Jim and I went to lunch, then the girls headed to Emily’s house for the evening and Jim and I headed back to clean out the shed. And after moving most of the contents of the shed outside of the shed then sorting and trashing some stuff and putting some stuff in a pile to give away we moved the stuff back into the shed, more organized this time. We were both exhausted by this time.

I have been looking at getting a photo book published for a while but I never really had the motivation to do it. But the idea of putting even a quarter of our AZ pics in a traditional photo album was daunting so I decided to give it a try. Why I did not do it before is a mystery. It was so easy. I spent most of the evening sorting pictures and putting them in the book and adding captions. I finished it and ordered it this morning. I think we have just over 300 pictures and 90 something pages so it will be a big book but I think it will be worth it. I can’t wait to get it and see how it turns out. I used My Publisher through Costco, I will let you know how it turns out.

Today we went shopping and again spent too much money. We bought a water filter for our sink so hopefully we can stop buying so much bottled water. I also finally got a clock for my side of the bed I hate not knowing what time it is when I wake up at night. I also could not resist a stroll through the baby section at Target. I found the cutest shirts ever.
What do you think? Jim did not even try to say no when he saw what they said. Then this afternoon I vacuumed out the car and cleaned the inside. So now I am sitting and struggling to move. I need a day off to recover from my long weekend. Too bad that while we were working outside the house cleaning fairies did not show up to clean the inside of the house.

I have to end with a picture taken by Jim of the cutest Kitten ever, Gracie.


Jimh. said…
KyLee apparently has started a trend...cute sisters...all three. Cute cat!
Jimh said…
Who's your photographer?
Jimh. said…
Sorry, Kim.
Okay.. not fair JIM...
LOVE the picture frame and the bear....
Your sisters look just like you..
Sounds like you had a Great Weekend..
Love the little shirts...
Have a Great Week..
I will be showing KyLee the picture..
SHe will LOVE it..
grandma said…
Who owns that cute kitty? It is adorable. You girls are not too shabby either.
Those shirts are perfect, especially Little Miss Cupcake.
Thank you for the card and the pictures...
Hope you had a Great Day..

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