Fun Stuff!

I got this today at work. I ordered it a while ago but if it was so popular it was on back order. Just yesterday I was talking about the beautiful blossoms. A gal at work has been selling these warmers and I have resisted until I saw this cherry blossom warmer and that was it. It is pretty though, right? I think I am going to put it by my bed where the tank used to be.
Then I got home and my great secret pal has come through with another great gift. Bath time fun was the theme and we are going to have some fun with Little Miss in the bath. I can not wait to wrap her up in the lady bug towel. I always loved those kind of towels when I was a kid and now they make them even better. She also sent me some lady bug wash cloths, a rubber duckie that tells if the temp of the bath is too hot, a water book (which I still need to open and read) and some turtle bath toys. My Mom gave me the lady bug set just like it, she found them at a gift shop the last time she went to the beach. I thought it was funny since everything else was lady bugs and the toy was turtles and I have the lady bugs already in the same type of toy. I don’t think I have mentioned them before so it was pretty neat!
Well Jim is in the bath, because he played too hard with the kids today and his muscles are sore. (He subbed for an elementary PE class today.) I think I am going to go see if the water is too hot. No pictures of that I promise.


LOVE the blossom warmer... that is really pretty..
I have those ladybug bath toys... I love them..
What great goodies.. I haven't seen the ladybug towel... too cute..
Have a Great Evening..
Did you get your stuff done last night??
Jimh. said…
Sorry, I did not leave the tub hot enough for you, it was enough to turn me lobster red when I was in it. And, yes, the kids wore me out! It was fun, though. Cool stuff that your SP sent you.
Alyson & Ford said…
I think you are right - we have someone in common with both of us! Thanks for checking out our blog!!

Alyson LID 01/27/06

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