Good Bye AZ :0(

Our last day in AZ and I am sad to go but it will be good to see my animals again. I am sure that Sully is missing us and the dogs probably think their new home is with Emily and Ryan. We had a good last day. We went to a ghost town called Goldfield. It was a lot of fun. They had a mine tour which was neat, supposedly we were underground 25 feet but Jim and I seriously doubt it. We are pretty sure it was a mock up, but that is Ok, it was still fun.
We then went to the museum they had there and had a guided tour. It was interesting. We learned more of the history of the town. There are lots of little shops and people dressed up like they are in the old west. At one point there was even a shootout. It was pretty cool and I think we have some good pictures and Jim took some video of the shootout.
We went for some walks in the desert and saw some of the cacti in bloom. I guess we were a little early for that but we saw some. We saw some lizards but nothing venomous, darn.
We saw an IMAX on the way to the ghost town so went back to that this afternoon to see what was playing. We ended up seeing a 3D film on the Grand Canyon, so even though we did not make it there we did see a cool film on it.
Well I better go finish getting ready to go home since we have to leave so early in the morning. I don’t know if Jim will be able to post tonight he has discovered that Bethany and Bryan have a Wii, I think he wants us to get one now, Great!


Glad you both had such a WONDERFUL vacation here in Sunny AZ.
Better gets some rest girly..
I am sooo glad we got to meet each other...
I hope to see you again one day soon..
And also in China while we are picking up our daughters...

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