Home but Sad!

We made it home last night late after picking up the Dogs and stopping to see some family. We were happy to finally be home after a long day of travel until we found our best fish tank. The water had all leaked out of it. Anyone who knows us knows we love our fish tank. If you have ever been to our house you have been drug back to our bedroom to see our best tank.
We set it up a couple of years ago and have been working on improving it ever chance we get. Every time we go to Seattle we find time to go to The Fish Store or Coral City. Our Corals were flourishing and the tank was doing wonderful. We never imagined that the tank would not hold up. It leaked out the bottom and there was no water left when we got home. Almost everything was dead. After we semi-recovered from the initial shock we started moving the rock out and I found one emerald crab, the two hermits, two snails, and the conch snail alive but not feeling well. The 2 tree corals might recover but I am not sure about that. But our poor hard corals, mushrooms, black and white clown fish, other crabs and many other creatures did not survive the tragedy. We know they were fine on Friday when Jim’s Mom and Dad came in to feed them and give that some of the creatures were still alive makes us think that it happened on Sunday.
We will start again but it is going to take a lot of time before we are able to even get close to what we had. Saltwater is not really that hard but they do take lots of time and money. It was hard to come back from such a great vacation to such disappointment.
Jim called our homeowners insurance company today just to see if maybe some of it could be covered, because as I said above it is not a cheap hobby. He had to talk with the adjuster who asked the most ridiculous questions ever. After Jim explained what had happened the guy actually asked where the water came from, and then if that was not stupid enough he asked “and where do you keep your fish?” Jim said something like “where do you think I keep them” Duh!! In the Tank! I am sure he had to ask these questions either that or he was extremely stupid. As it turned out they would only cover damage to the floor since it was a defective product and hopefully the damage to the floor is less than our deductible.
So it was back to work today and back to everyday life. It looks like I choose a good week to miss at work it was hectic. I am playing catch up now but it was worth it.
Have a good week everyone, now I just got to find a way to sleep without the gentle gurgling of my tank. I think I got a whopping 3 hours last night. Maybe I’ll leave Africam on next to the bed until I fall asleep, I am so pathetic.


Jimh. said…
the sadness I feel is as damp and cold as the floor. It is as lonely and dead as the ex-inhabitants of our tank. But, we shall overcome...where is MLK jr. when you need a moving speech? I have a dream, I see a day, in a tank next to our bed-ah, a day when the warmth of love and kindness flow from the tank-ah. A day when we have our Corals back-ah, that is my dream brothers and sistas. (no offense to MLK jr. fans, I am one too.)
grandma el said…
That is sad. I remember when you came home and found Matilda expired. Who would ever think about the tank leaking. That is just bazaar. I'm sorry that had to happen to you.
So sorry to hear about this tragic..

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