New Home for the SPOON!!

The spoon has disappeared. I told Jim the story and I don’t think he believes me. So I will leave it here you everyone to decide for yourselves. I got home before Jim today and as I was patiently waiting for him to return home, when a group of oh so nice Mormon boys stopped by the house. After telling me all about their recent missions they asked if there was anything they could do for me? I told them that yes there was. They asked “what” and I said that they could help get the 416 children being held by the government placed back with their mothers? They said that unfortunately there was nothing they could do about that and I said “In that case you could help me take down this spoon that is too high for my reach” they kindly helped and to thank them I offered the precious spoon as a gift. At first they refused but I insisted that for their effort to bring Jesus into this house they deserved the most fine piece of art that is “The Spoon”. They took it and promised to cherish it forever, so that is the final story of the spoon, that is unless I am fibbing and it is somewhere in the house. That explains it thorough, don’t you think? I am just regretful that I did not take a close up picture before it went to it's new home :0(
Well it looks sunny out so maybe we will get some work done outdoors despite the prediction of snow. I guess I better get busy and get dressed for the day.
Have a good weekend!


Jimh. said…
Your story seems somewhat...shall we say...constructed? I think everyone is aware of your dislike of the Adoption Spoon. It will only be a matter of time before I discover it and use Superglue or Gorilla Glue to affix it to its final resting place, on exhibition for everyone of our guests to see. Besides, I did not see any bicycles with guys in ties anywhere!
grandma el said…
It's a true story. How would she ever, in a million years, come up with that story. I do feel a little sad that it's gone. Jim, maybe you can call the Morman church and ask if you can get it back. LOL LOL LOL LOL. I can just see you doing that.
That was a GREAT story...
You should write a fiction book..LOL..
Have a Great Weekend.
Jimh. said…
Hah!!! So, Kim believes it is a fictional story, too!!!!! You have been outed! Where is my SPOON?

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