Plane Exhaustion

Ok Jim got his day. We got up at the butt crack of dawn to head to Tucson to see the Pima Air Museum. We got there a lot faster than we thought due to the speed limit being 75 MPH most of the way. I did not realize this until we were on the bus tour later that this is the world’s largest private collection of aircraft and they are not kidding. It took us forever to walk around and take pictures. I did have a pretty good time Jim was able to tell me more than any guide could have about each airplane and since we were right next to Davis Monthan AFB there were F-15’s, A-10’s, C-130’s and Blackhawks flying overhead all day.
I am now completely exhausted and too tired to download pictures. I will let Jim post pictures and tell you more about the whole day on his blog. But other than a camera battery snafu we had a really good day again.
We are still not sure about tomorrow, maybe Sedona? Stay tuned to find out.


Sista C said…
I'm impressed Cora, you must have listened to Jim a bit because you actually listed off a few airplanes by their names. That's love for you.
Glad to here it went well.

How's your house hostess?

By the way, if Jim didn't share the news with you, we will have the keys Friday and will be moving Friday. Should be fun. 2 Full Baths!!! And my own garden tub yeah!!
Sista C said…
Edit: sorry moving Saturday not Friday well.... maybe some on Friday since hello I'll have the keys.
WOW... Jim should be impressed , you listed some of the planes..
Glad you had a Great Day..
Can't wait to see pictures..
Sedona is beautiful...
Can't what to see where you go next...
Jimh. said…
Wow, you listed 3 airplanes...we saw 250! Something was bound to rub off. LOL! Thanks for a great day!

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