Review Room

I was begining to wonder if this room was even going to show any movement but today I heard (read) they (CCAA) are through reviewing up to December 31 2006!!! This is the next major step we have to go through before being matched with our Little Miss. We could be through review by the end of the year. They only have 4 months to get to us, although I am assuming because of the May 1st change the next months are going to be big.

This does not mean that we will get a referral any sooner. It is basically when China reviews and approves us to adopt. Any progress forward is good so I was happy.


Jimh. said…
gotta love that CCAA! May they fly with rocket powered wings!
I am ready to get through the review room.. that justs reassures me that we are okay.. and just waiting to find the right little Asian princess's for us...

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