Run away Dog.

Why oh why does the dog run away?
She always comes back, but chooses not to stay.
Why oh why does the dog run away?
I swear we let her sleep on beds better than hay.
Yet she chooses to dig and dig, then run away.
Why oh why does the dog run away?
She takes the Toby with when she strays,
Perhaps to Pepper’s is where they wish to play.
Why oh why does the dog run away?

Ok here is the explanation, When Gypsy arrived she dug her way into the back yard and ever since we decided to keep her she has been trying to escape. She and Toby have found their way to my parent’s house on several occasions. One time I got a call from my Mom at 4am asking if I knew where my dogs where. Apparently they woke up her dog, Pepper, after they made their way across town in the very early hours of the morning.
Every time we fix the fence she finds a way to penetrate it. Today she dug under bricks and boards to get out of the fence. Jim came home for lunch and found Toby in the front yard and then proceeded to spend the rest of his lunch hour searching for Gypsy. He finally found her back at the house but by then he had my mom on the lookout and my Dad out looking and I was at work trying to decide if I needed to come home and join the search.
I think it is time to crate train her. I actually never thought about this before but I think it will work. Emily said Gypsy really liked Missy’s crate when she was there so I think it is worth a try? Wish us luck!!


Jimh. said…
Stupid Dog...
Jimh. said…
Oh, yeah, I have a nice pine box for her...maybe then she would not escape!!!
That would probably be better then worring about what might happen to her..
She needs to listen....LOL..
They are just like kids... mind of their own..
grandma el said…
Look at Gypsy. I had to laugh at her picture. She is just so proud of herself. "Look what I did, I wasn't lost".
Laura said…
I say she was just looking for me. I would be very happy to take her off your hands!!

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