Hidding Place!! (Spoon Update)

The Spoon is back but it is still hidden. Yippee!! Jim almost got it out of me last night. He is normally a terrible fibber but last night I think he must have taken lessons or something. I almost gave it away but I was careful about revealing the whereabouts until I confirmed it was actually in his hands. Thank goodness for my suspicious ways!!

Jim thinks I was lying about the nice church boys that I gave the spoon to but in fact they returned the spoon. They said that although it was a thoughtful gift the congregation thought it to hideous to place in the Church so they returned it to me.

As for Jim's claims of luck and good fortune it has yet in the years the spoon has been around so I am doubtful that it truly has mystical powers.

Now Jim has to wonder is the spoon moving around the house or is the hiding place the same, maybe it is in plain site or maybe not? Keep searching but be warned if you find it I will find a way to hide it again, Wah ha ha ha.


grandma said…
How cute is that picture !! Is it Gracie?
The magic spoon has returned. I can't wait for the next appearance.
Cora said…
not gracie just a cute cat pic I found online.
Okay... Send me the spoon.. he will never know...
I will keep it for you...
Jimh. said…
It DOES have mystic powers, it is still in the house! Hah! I have outsmarted her, now she is insecure!

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