The Spoon

Several years ago Jim carved the most hideous spoon ever and then he stained it black and it was still hideous. I think he thinks it resembles something African or an ancient artifact or something. I love Jim dearly but sometimes our idea of what is art does not mesh. Like for example I don’t see the airplane parts that he is collecting becoming a beautiful coffee table. But sometimes we do agree, like the paintings around the spoon, we did those together and I really like them and I think he likes them too.
So back to the spoon, Jim knows that I don’t love the spoon and it has been put away somewhere for a while (I don’t know where) and a few weeks ago Jim apparently found it. I walked out of the bedroom and found it on the wall by the front door. Jim was in the other room so I quickly and quietly removed it from the wall and hid it in a nearby drawer. He never said anything and I forgot about it until yesterday. I got home and Jim said “you know I love you right” I knew something was up right then. I questioned him about the comment and he said it was nothing, I knew he was hiding something. We then went and got dinner and when we came back I needed to use the bathroom. That is when I found The Spoon!! It was on the wall right at eye level next to the commode. I immediately yelled “Jim” and he knew what I found then he says “you know I love you, right?” We both laughed as I took the spoon down and put it in the kitchen.
Jim sure knows how to cheer me up. I have been in kind of a slump lately, not even sure why. I guess it could have something to do with the adoption progressing at a snail’s pace (no wait snails could be fast, sloths are the slowest animal right) a Sloths pace or the bad luck tank, or that my Birthday is coming up and I am getting old. Or it could just be that I have not been getting sleep but whatever the reason I needed a pick me up and Jim delivered.
But if you know Jim you know that he could not stop there. A little later in the evening Jim says again “you know I love you, right?” and the spoon was gone. I went in the bedroom and there it was on the ceiling above my bed!! You have got to be kidding me how does he come up with these ideas. I jumped up on the bed, took it down and told Jim with a smile on my face that the spoon was going to disappear but I was going to wait until he wasn’t looking. Well he got the spoon first and I came home to find the spoon above the door where I can’t reach.
He now says that the spoon did not work as a fertility spoon(whatever that is) and is an adoption spoon now. I think, he thinks that will make me like the thing. Sorry Jim the spoon will disappear, let the games begin!!
Oh and I tried to get Jim to take it down so I could take a better picture but he refused! Well it was worth a try.


Jimh. said…
It has some heavy juju in it. I hopped backwards around it three times and chanted, "Come on Baby, Come on Baby!" So, that will either give it the power to bring us a child sooner or I can use it at the horse races. What do you mean, hideous?
You two are just toooo funny....
I think you should let him keep the spoon... let him have it in his car...LOL...
Sorry you are feeling down... I am with ya girly in this long wait... if you ever need to talk.. just call me... and as for getting old... DON"T GO THERE... you are young... pretty soon (in 3 years) I will be 40....then we are in trouble...
Have a Great Day....
grandma el said…
Leave that spoon up and think of it as a fertility spoon. Great idea !!!!

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