Well I guess being 31 isn’t so bad. My Dad just brought me a piece of fresh smoked Spring Salmon (the best salmon). He caught it this weekend and smoked it this afternoon so it was really fresh. I wish I had not had dinner I would have ate the whole thing. But it’s Ok this way I can enjoy it for a couple days instead of just one. It is done perfectly! The perfect dessert, I would have a hard time choosing between my Dad's smoked fish and chocolate and that is saying something. I have to go now and enjoy more of my treat!
Thanks for the great Birthday Present, Dad!!


Jimh. said…
There is no describing the heavenly taste that is your Dad's smoked salmon...it's a little like pieces of sunshine drenched in love and goodness. I wish I was nice enough to share with others! Too bad!
Sounds yummy...
Have a Great Evening..
grandma el said…
Don't tempt me too much. I happen to know where you live. I have a feeling it isn't going to last very long.
What a beautiful picture.

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