Tres Dia

Hola, I don’t know why I started typing Espanol maybe because we had really good breakfast burritos this morning. Maybe it is just a weird April fool’s thing.
We had a good day we started out with a good breakfast, we went to a place that Bethany recommended and when we pulled in there were about 10 Highway Patrol bikes parked outside. Jim and I agreed that cops are the indicator species of a good restaurant. And it was delicious.
We then went to the Desert Botanical Gardens. We started walking it on our own but quickly realized that we did not know what we were looking at so they were offering guided tours with the docents so we went back and waited a few minutes for the next tour. It was so worth it. We had a great docent his name was Sonny and he was very knowledgeable about all the plants. We learned so much more in this than we did on the jeep trip. We got to try Saguaro fruit and mesquite flower they were both interesting. There was just one jerk in the group, there always has to be one. He thought he was the most important person out there kept making rude and annoying comments. I think everyone in the group wanted to strangle him about 5 minutes into the tour. We had a group of kindergarteners come through our group at one point and he was just being obnoxious, I think most of them were scared and most of the adults wanted to deck him. To top it all off Mr. Important was stupid, after the docent told everyone that after the flower came the fruit (which most people that went to elementary school know) he asked if it would have fruit if it did not flower. Why can’t people like that just stay home? Ok off my box now.

Our guide Sonny...

We then had lunch in their little café and then went to the butterfly exhibit. The butterfly thing was Ok but if you have seen one butterfly exhibit they are all pretty much the same. Jim did get some neat pictures. And I can’t want to take Little Miss to see the butterflies because the children absolutely loved it.

After that we were pretty tired of walking, ok you caught me it was just me. So we went to get some coffee and then Jim convinced me to drive out to some airforce base. You can read his blog if you want to know the gory details but we saw some F-something airplanes and got some pictures.
We then went back to Bethany’s to relax for a while. I started reading the book I got from Kim and I am already on page 67. I love personal adoption stories, I like to learn through other peoples experiences and it lets me day dream a little about what our experience might be like.
About 6ish we decided to go get some dinner, that was an adventure. I think we went through some kind of worm hole that made us double back on our selves several times, (we were lost briefly) To make a really long story short we ended up an hour later finding a place only a few blocks away from Bethany’s. Jim was worried that we had somehow lost a day in the Phoenix Twilight Zone but it was only an hour. We finally got dinner at this pizza and pasta place and it was great!!

Now I better get to bed since Jim wants to get up early to head to Tucson to see his airoplanes. Sorry I kinda wrote a book today I guess I had more to say than I thought.


Jimh. said…
They were F-16s...excellent jets! Wait until tomorrow, you will have to pass a test to get in the car to come you'd better listen to me!!! Wah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Haaahhhhh!!!!
Sounds like an amazing time...
The Gardens are sooo pretty..
And Street of New York...great place...
I am sooo glad you haven't had to eat at any bad food places...LOL
Have fun tomorrow.. I know Jim will more then you... It would be the same for us..
Glad you like the book.
grandma el said…
I can't wait to read your blog every day to see what you saw. I can tell you are really having a great time. I knew you would, but was a little worried about Jim's illness. I guess he must be doing okay. Still seems to have a lot of energy.
Anonymous said…
What beautiful pictures! I just love the colors of the flowers and the butterfly. So bright and clear. It would make a great calendar photo too. As far as the planes go - well they goooo! I have alway loved the noise of the jets. Bet it was great... Can't wait for the next write up. Love mom
Sister C said…
Love the pictures. Wish I was there, kinda... Maybe with just Cora hehehe. You two should travel more often and post while you go it's a little like being with you. Can't wait till you go to China. Now those will be some awesome pictures.

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